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Trying to get your first job as a software developer?

Hi there!

Are you working on getting your first full-time engineering role?

I’ve worked with dozens-to-hundreds of persons in this exact spot. By volume, most of them were graduates of the Turing School of Software and Design, because that’s how I got into software development, and I’m involved with the community there.

But I’ve also worked with plenty of people that don’t fit into the box, from entirely self-taught engineers, to graduates of other programs, to engineers that got their first job, don’t like it, and are working on their second.

All this “work” happens in the intermediateruby Slack group.

I have “space” for 10 people, and I want to get this entire group employed before re-running the program for a second group.

Here’s the three topics we’ll cover:

1. Build real skills #

You’ll read books like Mind for Numbers and Deep Work, and apply the information from those books to your learning. You’ll work on obstacle courses and you’ll build small projects, as we jointly decide what projects make sense for your particular situation.

Josh, I’ve already done the basics, I don’t need to build small projects

That might be true. We’ll still talk about it.

2. Create evidence of having built those skills #

We’ll talk a lot about technical


Who are you again? Why should I trust that you can do what you’re talking about? #

I’m josh! 👋

I write over at, and here, and on twitter @josh_works.

You’ll get a feel for my “vibe” if you listen to this podcast: Greater Than Code Ep 220: Safety Science and Failure As An Opportunity For Growth with Josh Thompson

How much does this cost? #

I’d like this to be free to you, but that’s not the world we live in. I need “skin-in-the-game” from you, and evidence that you’ll trust me.

I’m charging either $150 or $300 per month. Both of these are screamingly good deals.

How long will this take? #

It depends. If you’re almost ready for your first job, and you’ve got some time on your hands, I bet you could be having really promising job interviews that are shaping up into job offers within six weeks or so.

On the flip side, you might have less time on your hands, etc, and it might take three months.

How do I pay? #

Head over to my github sponsors page and start a sponsorship at either $150 or $300

Why do you let me choose the cost? #

Individual person’s financial situations vary widely. Some people cannot afford to pay even $150, unfortunately. Others might have a lot more money floating around, and $300 is less painful to them than the $150 someone else might pay.

I want skin in the game.

I know there’s tons of unanswered questions. This page is rapidly getting fleshed out. Shoot me an email at with more questions! We can hop on a call to discuss it.

If you’re at all on the fence, I’d encourage you to email me or set up a time to chat on my calendar: